About Us

For decades we sold our malt barley to beer brewing companies, sometimes at prices that didn’t cover our costs, and at their convenience, not ours. I wanted to change that, and provide a beverage that everyone could drink. Two years of experimentation resulted in a way to brew barley, the same way you would brew coffee. The results were a dark, earthy flavored beverage that was naturally caffeine free.

Does it taste just like coffee? No, nothing tastes exactly like coffee but coffee. As a substitute for coffee, RoBarr has its own distinct flavor, but is similar enough to coffee that many coffee drinkers who want to eliminate caffeine may love it.

Every morning now, instead of reaching for my herbal tea, I make a pot of RoBarr. I love the aroma, and love the delightful aftertaste. It’s even safe for kids.

Better for teeth and gums than coffee, RoBarr is delicious. It is great as a frappe, cappuccino, latte, iced, with cream and sugar, or black. We hope you enjoy your RoBarr as much as we do!

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