It's Not Coffee, It's Better!

It’s better because:

RoBarr’s main ingredient is barley. Barley has a soluble fiber called beta glucan. FDA allows products containing beta glucan to make health claims for lowering blood cholesterol, which helps prevent heart attack, and also for prevention of some forms of cancer. (Research is currently being done to determine if it helps prevent type 2 diabetes, since clinical testing has proven it helps regulate blood glucose levels.) A U.S. certified lab determined that RoBarr, when brewed according to package directions, has 0.69% beta glucan. See beta glucan blog for more information.  Barley has many other beneficial properties that are explained in the barley blog.

RoBarr Original and Bold have chicory as an ingredient.  Chicory contains a very high percentage of inulin. Inulin helps promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestines, making RoBarr prebiotic in nature. See chicory blog for more info.

Naturally caffeine free means it won’t interfere with heart or diabetic medications, and won’t irritate your bladder, cause shakiness, irritability or insomnia. It is gentle on the urinary tract, and bladder and will sometimes improve the condition of those suffering from interstitial cystitis.  Insomnia is often caused by too much caffeine in your system, so may help you sleep better.   It’s ideal for pregnant or nursing mom’s trying to cut down or eliminate caffeine from their diets.  It means no chemicals were needed to remove the caffeine from your beverage.

Coffee has up to 48 different acids that can irritate or upset your stomach. The only acids in RoBarr are healing acids in minimal amounts,  that improve your digestive system.  It won’t irritate your stomach like too much coffee can, but will settle and soothe an upset stomach. It’s a great alternative for people with acid reflux, ulcers, heartburn, hiatal hernias, other digestive disorders, or cancer patients who suffer from nausea.

In European testing, they found roasted “barley coffee” won’t allow the bacteria that causes tooth decay (streptococcus mutans) to form into chains to attack the teeth.  In Japanese labs, “barley tea” was found to contain antioxidants which are beneficial for the heart (help prevent heart disease) and help prevent cell mutation (cancer).

RoBarr is sustainably produced and the “grounds” are ground grain, so you can stir them into your oatmeal for a mild coffee taste, or toss them to the birds. It’s totally biodegradable, and packaged in minimal packaging for less environmental impact.  The ground grain will add additional fiber to your healthy diet, improving your general overall health.

RoBarr costs less than some coffee and most coffee substitutes. At less than $ 0.15 a cup you can’t miss and No waste! Just microwave reheat, or ice the leftovers after refrigeration for up to 7 days.

Does it taste just like coffee? For between 10-15% of those who try it, yes. But truly, nothing tastes just like coffee, but coffee. Not even all coffee tastes the same!  It has strong coffee overtones for most people, and a 97% approval rating in a Kushi Institute taste test. We use temperatures designed to bring out the best flavor in the barley, and activate the natural sugars instead of burning them off. The result is slightly sweeter than coffee, so you may not need to add as much or any sweetener to enjoy your RoBarr. Many tell me they won’t give up their coffee, but lots of customers switch to RoBarr after lunch or dinner.

Certified organic by the Montana Department of Agriculture means it is non-GMO, produced without use of chemicals,  and as a result, drinking it may improve your health.

Drink RoBarr any way you drink coffee or tea: as chai, latte, Frappe, cappuccino, with cream, sugar, flavoring, honey, milk or black. Delicious hot, or great iced! Brew it like coffee in an automatic drip, percolator, French Press, and even in some espresso machines. It can be used with coffee to phase out caffeine. No coffeemaker? Use a fine hole tea ball and steep in hot water, for similar results.

RoBarr is available at many health food, and grocery stores across the U.S. Check with your local store, or order on-line.