Environmentally Friendly

http://robarr.com/df/5/bird.jpgTo be considered environmentally friendly, what does a product have to be?  At RoBarr our standards are pretty high.  Safe for people, animals, the environment, low waste product impact, and sustainably produced.

Coffee grounds are toxic to pets depending on the type and quantity ingested.  They can experience the same sort of toxicity as when ingesting chocolate.   Coffee grounds have been used to kill ants, eliminate snails and slugs from gardens, and as a dye.

The ground roasted barley we make is so environmentally friendly that when you are done brewing your RoBarr for the day, you can toss the grounds outside your window and the birds will love it!  Because it is a grain based beverage, it is totally biodegradable, and harmless to those around you.  If you like, you could even sprinkle the grounds on your oatmeal and eat them!

We use organically grown barley from the northern plains of Montana. The dry climate with warm days and cool nights are particularly well suited to growing small grains.  We are a stone’s throw from the Rocky Mountain front and the Sweetgrass Hills.  This area is fed by pure air and pristine water from the mountains.  We are so happy to share the goodness of the grain with you through this beverage!

We have kept packaging to a minimum, and made sure our pouches are not full of air, but product when you receive them.  Other suppliers put only 12 oz. of product in bags the size of our 24 oz package, but we fill them to the top so there is less waste.  We make them re-closeable so you can get the most use out of your packaging, heat seal them for freshness, and mail them in boxes that can also be recycled.  Ordering multiple packages in one order will cut down your expense, and the number of resources used for you to enjoy your cup of RoBarr.  We encourage this practice by offering free shipping on orders over $48.

RoBarr has been certified as a sustainable producer by the Western Sustainability exchange.  We are pleased to produce a product that is good for both you and your world!