Love Your Coffee but it Doesn't Love You?

RoBarr – Tastes good all day.

 Coffee has been chemically tested and found to contain up to 48 different types of acid. These acids all combine to give coffee it’s unique flavor that so many people love. The problem with these acids is that they often cause abdominal discomfort or pain.   

The acid levels in coffee are affected by many different factors; brewing temperature, length and method of brewing, coffee bean roasting time, roasting temperatures, and how long the coffee sat in the warming pot after brewing.   These factors all determine the amount of acid that is in each cup of coffee. Many of these acids turn rancid or go through a chemical change after sitting in the pot all day long. That’s why at the end of the day, most coffee needs to be disposed of if not already consumed. In fact, many people will brew a fresh pot for the afternoon to avoid some of the nasty flavor you can get with an “old pot” of coffee.

All three flavors of RoBarr contain only one or two ingredients, certified organic barley and chicory.  Both barley and chicory are plants that have been determined to have medicinal, healthy properties that can improve certain conditions in humans.  Extremely low in acid content, RoBarr contains only health promoting acidic compounds.  Flavor variations are achieved by using different roasting temperatures and times.

RoBarr has a coffee-like flavor and tea-like properties, so you can refrigerate any left at the end of the day and drink it cold, or reheat it in your microwave. It will last for several days. There are no oils to turn rancid or acids to go through a chemical change that will degrade the taste or upset your stomach like coffee. The last cup really is as good as the first!

Acid reflux?

People who suffer from acid reflux are often told to avoid acidic foods and beverages, especially at night, since this seems to be the time of day when gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) patients suffer the worst.  The up to 48 types of acids in coffee make it a beverage often suggested it is best to avoid by Doctors.

Some teas also have high acid concentrations and caffeine levels that contribute to stomach problems and can relax or irritate the  muscle that helps prevent acid reflux. Barley tea, such as RoBarr, actually helps improve digestive tract health.  It helps prevent acid relux, bloating, cramping, stomach upset, and can help ease constipation.

RoBarr contains only a small amount of antioxidative acids which help eliminate stomach issues without causing problems. RoBarr is naturally caffeine free, so won’t irritate your stomach, or add to your acid reflux problems.  Barley, is a very healthy food and barley water has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Barley tea has many known health benefits. This flavored “barley water” is similar to coffee in taste for many. Why not give it a try?

Updated 9/27/2017